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LCD, Liquid Crystal Display or Liquid Crystal on Silicon, has been around for some time. This technology can be commonly found in popular HDTVs, computer or laptop monitors and Sony's new PSP. But the downside to LCD screens is the dreaded "dead pixel" or "hot pixel" phenomenon. Dead pixels or "hot pixels" are defined as "a pixel on an LCD monitor that remains unlit, or black, when it should be activated and displaying a color.

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OEM Linux computer speeds embedded application deployment

Ampro Computers, Inc., the inventor and a supplier of PC/104 Boards The top board is a complete PC from Intelec Technologies. The bottom one could be a data acquisition board or any other peripheral not part of the primary PC.

The pin layouts on a PC/104 board's perimeter depend on its function, and there are a lot of I/O connections required in this example. However, the stacking pins and sockets are common to all PC/104 boards for connecting them through the ISA bus. .

Click the link for more information., EBX - Electronic Book Exchange (XML standard) EBX - Electronic Branch Exchange EBX - Embedded Board Expandable (PC/104) EBX - Enterprise Business eXtension (Orchestra Networks) EBX - Extended Base Register and EPIC single board computers A printed circuit board that contains a complete computer, including processor, memory, I/O and clock., has announced a family of complete, integrated, low cost Linux-based computer systems that enable embedded OEMs to rapidly deploy products to market.

Each Ampro ReadySystem includes a ReadyBoard single board computer, desktop or wall-mount enclosure, power supply, RAM and 40GB hard disk drive with a complete Linux distribution pre-installed. Processor options range from a 300MHz Via Eden ESP 3000 CPU to a 1.4GHz LV Intel Pentium M 738 (Dothan See Pentium M. core) with 2MB of L2 cache. "Ampro ReadySystem is a ideal solution for OEMs considering use of the embedded Linux operating system," explained Paul Rosenfeld, chief technology officer of Ampro.

"ReadySystem is a complete, off-the-shelf, Linux-based system solution. OEM customers need only add application software." The heart of every Ampro ReadySystem is a ReadyBoard single board computer. Ampro offers 12 ReadyBoard models across five major product families. ReadyBoard 550 (with Via Eden CPUs) and ReadyBoard 700 (with Intel Pentium III and Celeron CPUs) offer a full complement of I/O with up to 512MB of SDRAM.

The new ReadyBoard 800 provides three processor options including the 600MHz ULV - Ultra Low Voltage ULV - Ultra Low Volume ULV - UltraLink Viewer (Rose Electronics) ULV - University of La Verne (La Verne, CA) ULV - Unmanned Launch Vehicle Celeron M, 1.1GHz LV Pentium M and 1.4GHz LV Pentium M 738 (Dothan core) with DDR PC2700 See SDRAM.

memory, USB 2.0 and Gigabit Ethernet ports. The ReadyBoard 560 and ReadyBoard 710, also announced today, offer low cost, low power consumption CPUs (1GHz Via Eden ESP 10000 or Intel 650MHz Celeron respectively) with a complement of advanced I/ O including four USB 2.0 ports, dual Ethernet (both 10/100BaseT and Gigabit Ethernet ports) and built-in high performance AGP 8x graphics with hardware MPEG2 and MPEG4 decode.

For each ReadySystem, the ReadyBoard SBC with 256MB RAM is installed in an Ampro ReadyBox enclosure. This 280mm x 200mm x 115mm chassis features a 150w ATX power supply and space to incorporate one or two PC/ 104, PC/104-Plus or PCI-104 expansion modules. Each ReadySystem also includes a 2.5 inch 40GB "removable" hard disk drive preloaded with a complete Linux distribution based on the 2.4 kernel.

The Ampro Linux distribution includes a full root file system, X-free graphics package, and GNU-based development tools. Drivers for all ReadyBoard I/O, including the (1) A device that controls some kind of video function. (2) Same as display adapter., are included and pre-installed. The system boots to a Linux command prompt The symbol displayed in a command-driven system that indicates it is ready for user input.

For example, in a DOS command line or in the Windows emulation of the DOS command line, c:\budget> would be the command prompt when the current drive is C: and the current directory is BUDGET. at power-on. A version based on the 2.6 kernel will be available in Spring, 2005.

Ampro's special embedded BIOS in each ReadyBoard SBC offers extended boot options, including booting from a USB device (such as a CD or floppy), and a Managed Boot Agent, enabling booting from an appropriately configured network server with PXE (Preboot EXecution Environment) An Intel Wired for Management (WfM) capability that enables a PC to boot from the server. It enables remote booting (boot the OS), remote emergency booting (boot a diagnostic program) and remote new system startup (boot the installation program to install the OS). PXE is supported in the BIOS. See BIOS, remote boot, remote emergency boot and remote new system startup.

. Click the link for more information. or DHCP support.

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