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LCD, Liquid Crystal Display or Liquid Crystal on Silicon, has been around for some time. This technology can be commonly found in popular HDTVs, computer or laptop monitors and Sony's new PSP. But the downside to LCD screens is the dreaded "dead pixel" or "hot pixel" phenomenon. Dead pixels or "hot pixels" are defined as "a pixel on an LCD monitor that remains unlit, or black, when it should be activated and displaying a color.

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How to Differentiate Between the Different Types of Ringtone Downloads

For the uninitiated, to get ringtone downloads of one of your favorite songs can be an extremely difficult task. There are many different things that you must know should you want to download your first tune from how much you want to pay to who provides you with your phone's service. All in all though, once you learn the basics of ringtones, you will find that you will quickly be able to download as many songs as your heart desires in an amazingly short amount of time. Before you venture to the world of the internet in search of your first ringtone for your cell phone, you must first figure out what type you should look for. Generally speaking, there are three types of that you should be on the lookout for: monophonic ringtones, polyphonic ringtones, and mp3 ringtones. What type of ringtone your cell phone is capable of playing depends almost solely on how old your phone is and how much you paid for it at the time.

Free phones will usually have access to less songs and phones that you may have recently paid upwards of two hundred dollars for will be able to give you significantly more leeway in what songs you can listen to. The first type of ringtone downloads that we will discuss is the monophonic. We have all heard the annoying chirp of a monophonic sound before, as it presents us with a very basic rendition of what was, at some time perhaps an actual song.

They are usually clever little bleeps and bloops designed to let you know that someone is calling you. For all intents and purposes, unless you own a cell phone that is so old and cheap that it works solely with analog wireless communication, you will want to avoid monophonic ringtones like the plague. Next we come to the polyphonic. These actually use multiple notes to make a song each and every time your phone rings. Even if your cell phone was free with your wireless plan four or five years ago, it will be capable of the monophonic ringtone, so chances are that these are the types of rings that most people will be downloading. You can find these polyphonic ringtones at a variety of different online locations totally free of charge, so go wild and download as many as you can fit in your phone's memory.

Finally, the most advanced ringtone downloads are actually mp3s. That's right, the same mp3s that you may have on your computer as part of your ever-growing digital music collection. While they are still rather costly to download online, if your phone can connect to your computer either via a USB cable or through Bluetooth you can always download songs from your computer directly to your phone.

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